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Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs (plans, know-how) in order to make something for consumption (the output ).


Production may be: In Economics: Production (economics) · Outline of industrial organization, the act of making products (goods and services); Production, the ...


Production definition is - something produced : product. How to use production in a sentence.


Definition: The processes and methods used to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semi-finished goods, ...Click to read more about production.


Other articles where Production is discussed: production system: Underlying principles: All production systems, when viewed at the most abstract level, might be ...


Definition of production - the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured, the provision of.


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[from 15th c.] The widget making machine is being used for production now. The act of bringing something forward, out etc. for use or consideration. [from 15th c.]  ...


Production definition: Production is the process of manufacturing or growing something in large quantities . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.