"Basic Audio is run by me, John Lyons. I've been making pedals since 2002. I'm from California, but now live in West Virginia. Go Figure. Making unique looking ...


The R4-F board layout I'm calling the Forum-Vibe is a 4th generation board which uses the 1970's stand-up component style where the resistors stand up on ...


amplifiers. The following are examples of amps I've built for people. Depending on what you want I can take elements from each of them and combine them to ...


The Supa MKI is similar to the Tone Bender MKI but has a more forward mid range and more overall \"cut\" in tone. Level, Attack and Hi-Cut.


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A refined \"Rat\" circuit with control over the low end and high end. Typically the Rat gets a bit boomy in the higher gain settings. The.


Germanium version of the 60s fuzz. A springy textured fuzz with an edgy but soft attack. Fat toggle to cut bass for humbuckers and faster.


A cross between the Maestro Fz-1 and elements of the Shin Ei Fy-2. Basically sounds like a silicon Tone Bender MK1 with the ability to pan between a.


A variable vintage type garage fuzz not unlike the Univox Super Fuzz in sound although they share no relation in circuit. The wildcat gets that bold.