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It is obvious that, with the release of the Gen9 Proliant servers, that there is also a new SPP... Read More · HP Service Pack for Proliant 2014.06 available.


HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) was awarded the 2010 Silver Product of the Year for Data Center Infrastructure by SearchDataCenter.com.


In 2006, BITCON was founded by Bart Heungens, starting with a 12-year IT experience. A consultant with a wide range of experience in technology products on ...


HPE Discover is started in London with a lot of announcements. In this article I will wrap up all... Read More · Meet the new 2042: MSA on steroids.


Already there on some Gen9 servers, now you will get ClearOS as well on the Gen10 MicroServer, and... Read More · HPE Hyperconverged portfolio boosts with ...


With all the spotlights on the big HPE 3PAR storage announcement some days ago, I notice that not... Read More · HPE strengthens its 3PAR portfolio with 15 (!


Probably you know (if not check my LinkedIn profile) that I am a do-it-all dude when it comes to... Read More · HowTo: enabling LefthandOS 12.0 & intelligent ...