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About Lipreading.org. The problem: You wake up one day realizing the world has gone silent. You still retain some of your hearing, and can make sense of ...


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Guessing Numbers - Just how easy is it to read numbers on the lips? Knowing that this game is about numbers is a clue in itself but how will the speaker present  ...


Lipreading vowels. What do vowels look like on the lips? Vowels (a, e, i, o and u) make very distinct 'open mouth' shapes. When they stand alone (i.e. without an ...


Lipreading Consonants - Just what letter does that word begin with? Some consonants can be difficult to distinguish (e.g. b, m and p look very similar) and some ...


Lipreading numbers - How do numbers look on the lips? Some numbers look very similar on the lips e.g. fifteen and fifty, seventeen and seventy. So, for ...


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In this game you will be paired with another player to practice lipreading.