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The DC Streetcar is a surface streetcar network in Washington, D.C. As of 2017, it consists of only one line: a 2.2-mile segment running in mixed traffic along H Street and Benning Road in the city's Northeast quadrant. The streetcars are the first to run in the District of Columbia since the dismantling of the previous streetcar ...


Electric streetcars or trolley(car)s were once the chief mode of public transit in hundreds of North American cities and towns. Most of the original urban streetcar systems were either dismantled in the mid-20th century or converted to other modes of operation, such as light rail. Today, only Toronto still operates a streetcar ...


A streetcar or tram is a vehicle that travels on rails, typically in a street. Streetcar or street car may also refer to: Transport[edit]. Light rail vehicles may also travel on streets; Heritage streetcar, contemporary streetcar lines that use old-fashioned streetcars; Wright StreetCar, a bus designed to have a tram-like appearance ...


DC Streetcar facilitates travel in Washington, DC by creating neighborhood connections & promoting business development. Find project info & tools here!


Streetcar Tracker. Use the menus below to select your stop and direction. Eastbound service runs from Union Station toward Oklahoma Avenue. Westbound service starts at the Benning Road/Oklahoma Avenue stop and moves toward the H Street corridor. Route. Route, H/Benning Line. Direction. Direction. Stop. Stop. +−.


Define streetcar: a vehicle on rails used primarily for transporting passengers and typically operating on city streets.


Etymology[edit]. street + car. Noun[edit]. streetcar (plural streetcars). (US, Canada) A tram or light rail vehicle, usually a single car, but also attached together, operating on city streets. A trolley car. quotations ▽. 1906, Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, Chapter 20. Tired as he felt at night, and dark and bitter cold as it was in the ...


New Orleans streetcar information about fares and routes for visitors looking for transportation.


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