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Budhism, the "Wisdomism" which you say is synonymous with Theosophy? THEOSOPHIST. Just the same difference as there is between the secret teachings of ...


of H. P. Blavatsky's theosophical comparative religion. Despite the ...... “divine truth” are synonyms, and true religion is based on these foundations (1988a, vol. II,.


students of Theosophy, and we feel sure that it will be found a .... Dictionary of Theosophical Terms. A-ch^rya ...... "The terms Chandra and Soma are synonyms. ".


Is there a link between theosophy, rosicrucian and anthroposophy. Or are they .... However, Blavatsky did use the word Occultism as a synonym for magic.


WHY THEOSOPHISTS DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE RETURN OF PURE "SPIRITS" ..... It is a synonym of the reincarnating Ego — Manas conjoined with Buddhi ...


H. P. Blavatsky's (1831-1891) Theosophy has been defined as central to the ...... main synonyms, will inductively be organized under a scheme of headings.


The logo[1] chosen by the Theosophical Society contains the phrase There is no ... inspired world for over millennia, and has synonyms in other languages.


There was an ancient American theosophy which taught conceptions of the ..... the Maya-Quiche' language, the verbs to descend and to be born are synonyms.


It is synonym not only to truth, but to supreme reality, being and essence. ... H.P.B. comments that the name “Theosophy” was first used by the Alexandrian ...