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Theosophy is a collection of mystical and occultist philosophies concerning, or seeking direct knowledge of the presumed mysteries of life and nature, particularly of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe. Theosophy is considered part of Western esotericism, which believes that hidden knowledge ...


1. theosophy (n.) a system of belief based on mystical insight into the nature of God and the soul. Synonyms: Kabbalah · Qabbalah · Cabala · Kabbala · Kabala · system · Cabbala · Qabbala · Cabbalah · system of rules. Antonyms: spoils system · merit system ...


Theosophy synonyms. Top synonym for theosophy (other word for theosophy) is religion.


Theosophist synonyms. Top synonym for theosophist (other word for theosophist) is adept.


Philosophy she lacked, but theosophy, which is a pansophy, she possessed— when she did not need it. A short account of the Via Lucis will be my only attempt to elucidate the mysteries of " pansophy." Further study of Komenský's works on pansophy has not given me a higher opinion of their value. All sciences there shall ...


Theurgy was the second method of counteracting the evil influence of demons. Philip appears to have been one of the apostolical men most preccupied with theurgy. The common characteristic of all the New Platonists is a tendency to mysticism, theosophy, and theurgy. This current was so strong that philosophy itself was ...


An he's more light-fingered than his predecessor, he's a master of prestidigitation ! All these extraordinary manœuvres cannot be attributed to prestidigitation. I hope to convince the reader that these things really exist, and are neither illusions nor farces, nor feats of prestidigitation. The Theosophical craze of recent years has ...


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The word Sf may be derived either from Saf, purity, or from Sf, dress. There is splendid, magnificent broad-mindedness in this Sf remark. Many of the German mystics wrote as the Sf poets had written before them. As evil impulses predominate in the world, the Theosophist ( Sf) is looked down upon by men. At this time we ...