Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety, caused by small amounts of vanadium, of the mineral ... The gemstone was given the name 'tanzanite' by Tiffany & Co. after Tanzania, the country in which it was discovered. The scientific name .... Secrets of the Gem Trade: The Connoisseur's Guide to Precious Gemstones. Brunswick ...


The mix of violet and blue is often labeled as "mesmerizing" by owners of the gem. Like the rare gem alexandrite, tanzanite also has the ability to color change  ...


Tanzanite is a rare blue gem and a popular alternative to blue sapphire. It is mined commercially at only one location in Tanzania.


Rubellite. Ruby Sapphire Spinel Tanzanite. Topaz Tourmaline Turquoise ... in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but this gem is exceptionally rare and valuable.


If you're weighing your options on which blue gemstone is the best, no doubt you' ve ... Tanzanite is made of the mineral zoisite and is extremely rare in nature.

Mar 16, 2014 ... Due to its similarity in appearance to sapphires, Tanzanite is getting plenty of attention from jewellers as a "rising star" among colored gems.


Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone, its appearance is influenced greatly ... Deep saturated violet blue or blue violet are the most valuable tanzanite colors.


May 10, 2018 ... When Tiffany & Company introduced tanzanite in 1968, the company was sure the semiprecious stone would be successful. (“Tanzanite is the ...


Sep 17, 2015 ... In fact, there are several “semiprecious” gems that are much rarer than diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. For example, tanzanite is ...