In medicine, specifically gastroenterology, the Child–Pugh score is used to assess the ... It was modified by Pugh et al. in 1972 in a report on surgical treatment of bleeding from esophageal varices. They replaced ... show. v · t · e · Surgical procedures involving the digestive system (ICD-9-CM V3 42–54, ICD-10 -PCS 0D).


related fields of phqsiological ecology (Feder et al., 1987) and comparative bio- .... Pough et al., 1985; Putnam and Hillman, 1977)or nutritional state may also af ...... tail loss on sprint speed (reviewed in E. V. Arnold, 1988; see also Russell and  ...


Varanid Lizards (Varanus gouldii and V. panoptes) ..... (Wood et al., 1978), all squamates (Andrews and Pough, 1985), and V. gouldii and V. panoptes in this ...


Dec 19, 2018 ... 1Unless otherwise indicated, all Rule references are to the Tax Court Rules .... Pough v. Commissioner, 135 T.C. 344, 351 (2010); Glossop v.


1993; Horn, 1999; Pough et al., 2004; Traeholt, 1993,. 1994). Here we describe an unusual feeding behavior in V. s. salvator which is markedly different from ...


Jul 13, 2014 ... to maintain preferred temperatures (Pough et al. ... et al. 1981; Brown and Brooks 1993; Kazmaier et al. ..... Deepak, V., and K. Vasudevan.


(Macey et al 1999) (Wiens and Slingluff 2001). Describer and ... (Brattstrom 1965) (Cowles 1946) (Kingsbury 1994) (Morey 2008) (Pough et al 1998) (Rutherford ...


Salamanders are abundant vertebrates in many forest ecosystems, and their annual bio- mass production can be important in forest food webs (Pough et al.


study of spitting cobra venom (Cascardi et al., 1999), B.A.Y. maintained seven adult Naja pallida, .... duration, 8·V) as well as one or two train stimuli (35·p.p.s.,. 27·ms duration, 8·V). ..... colubroid snakes (e.g. Pough et al., 1998). While the exact.