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The human voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal tract, such as talking, singing, laughing, crying, screaming, etc. The human voice ...


Vocal music is a type of music performed by one or more singers, either with instrumental accompaniment, or without instrumental accompaniment (a cappella ), ...


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Definition of vocal - relating to the human voice, (of music) consisting of or incorporating singing, expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly.


vocal meaning: 1. relating to or produced by the voice, either in singing or speaking: 2. often expressing opinions and complaints in speech: 3. the singing in a ...


Vocal definition, of, relating to, or uttered with the voice: the vocal mechanism; vocal criticism. See more.


vocal worship. Of or pertaining to a voice sound; spoken; (phonetics) Consisting of, or characterized by, voice, or tone produced in the larynx, which may be ...