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Verb: To drink alcoholic beverages prior to a social engagement to make it more enjoyable. ... are going to will be carding and you are under or because you want to drink something ... 1) We really need to pregame tonight before we go out.


Intentionally get drunk. ... I'm going to the tavern to tie one on tonight. by SYFer ... To get drunk or start drinking before the hang over from last night has worn off.


Jan 6, 2012 ... And then, feeling both annoyed and guilty, you move the email to ... nice well- meaning people who just want to "grab coffee sometime. ... It doesn't matter how trivial the request is, I still can't quite figure out why it's so effective.


Feb 28, 2014 ... Wine bars are great for deep conversations, craft beer or whiskey bars are fertile grounds [...] ... You never know what could come out of skipping the bar and ... Maybe you want to go to a really fancy restaurant you could never ...


Jul 3, 2015 ... Or, maybe, what the hell, you just want to go all out on a hot summer day. This afternoon bender is probably not a good idea. But here are some ...


Jan 2, 2018 ... The Best Bars in Honolulu to Drink at Right Now ... Honolulu is one of the best cities in America to go out for a drink... which means folks in ... cocktail bars -- to help you figure out the best spots to grab a drink tonight. ..... Leave the car at home because you're most likely going to want to try everything here.


Do you want to make changes to the way you drink? ... You may want to take the ' Is your drinking okay?' test to find out more ... "I plan to drink six standard drinks ( three pints/handles) tonight. ... "I will go out at 8.30pm and come back at 11pm.


Sep 29, 2015 ... But sometimes you don't feel like drinking and you just wanna chill with friends or do something CRAZY. If that's ... For real… just go outside and throw it. ... If you live in the city, some coffee shop is having an open mic tonight.


You don't want to come on too strong or she might become uncomfortable. ... Look happy, tell her how excited you are to go out, and make some date plans! .... I have to give her a answer tomorrow I'm gonna be battling my demons tonight. 0.