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Celtic Sea Salt® - "The Original Brand" - is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, whole salt packed full of naturally occurring, essential minerals. Absolutely no additives or anything removed from the salt that would alter it. Celtic Sea Salt® is our company's brand name and trademark since 1976. Celtic Sea Salt® stands for ...


Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Sea Salt has developed a reputation as one of the finest sea salts in the world. Artisanal crafted, sustainably hand-harvested and flavorful alternative to refined salt. Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions of the world. Our salt is ...


Amazon.com : Celtic Sea Salt Fine Ground, (1) 16 Ounce Resealable Bag, Great for Cooking & Baking, Pickling or Finishing, Gluten Free, Kosher, Paleo-Friendly : Grocery & Gourmet Food.


Oct 3, 2017 ... Like the Celtic Sea Salt, the Himalayan Salt contains all of the beneficial live elements from the earth. They are rich in trace minerals, and by trace minerals, it means that our bodies need only small amounts of them. Using only a small amount of this precious salt daily is sufficient to provide what our body ...


Is there is a difference between sea salt and table salt? The answer is yes! The benefits of Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt can be immense .


Genuine unprocessed Celtic Sea Salts are ocean minerals that promote optimum biological function. Certified organic trace minerals enrich taste as well as nutrition.


Oct 3, 2017 ... Harvested off the northwest coast of France, Celtic sea salt is gray in color and a little less salty-tasting than table salt or other sea salts. It is found in clay ponds that are built near the shore -- as the saltwater evaporates, a mineral-rich sea salt is left behind. The trace minerals and elements of the Celtic salt ...

Apr 9, 2010 ... Ok here in france we call it "fleur de sel de Guerande or Noirmoutiers's we also have grey salt.. or marine coarse salt " gros sel ".each has a different taste and use...but nothing celtic for sure ... The Himalayan Sea salt has a very interesting background but overall taste and appeal goes to the Celtic Sea Salt.


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