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Nielsen ratings are the audience measurement systems operated by Nielsen Media Research ... A single national ratings point represents 1% of the total number. ... this would mean that out of all television-equipped households, 9.2% were ...


Sep 19, 2010 ... In the example given for "The Office," here's what each number signifies: ... So what does a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating mean? If you read question ...


Even seasoned media pros have a hard time interpreting the numbers. ... If " Channel 6 News at 6:00" has a household audience rating of 15, that means Nielsen ... may do poorly versus its competition in the May ratings periods every year.


WHAT DO RATINGS NUMBERS MEAN? The most popular ratings figures you'll see discussed on this sub are the 18-49 overnight ratings.


With an increasing number of TV channels and programs coming into our homes ... Although this rating does not signify a program ... A TV-Y rating means that.


What do the numbers mean? The Innova Flight Ratings System was designed as a way to describe a discs intended flight. Flight Ratings are broken into four ...


Jan 14, 2011 ... A Neilsen rating is expressed as a fraction. The numerator is called the “rating”, the denominator is called the “share”. Rating This is a ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... Still, the use of sampling does mean that individual points are best used as broad ... We often see TV ratings as a combination of two numbers; ...


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