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You can change your cookie settings at any time. ... After renal transplantation, however, the value of keeping an AV fistula patent is .... Hence, fistula closure should be restricted to patients with good graft function and without .... Ori Y, Korzets A, Katz M, Perek Y, Zahavi I, Gafter U. Haemodialysis arteriovenous access: a ...


It did. Many people are curious as to how long an AV fistula can last — for ... Barbara stayed on dialysis a couple of months after the transplant until the kidney began functioning fully. ... Then another doctor said, 'Son, you have kidney disease.


After review of the literature, the impact of AVF ligation on the transplant patient's cardiac morphology and function is not clear. Patient and graft survival do not ...


Feb 18, 2009 ... Your fistula after transplant: To keep or not to keep? ... Which leads to my question: What should we do with our access after transplant?


My question is has any one had their fistula removed after transplant? ... I am suprised that it has grown so big without exercise. do you do alot ...


Will the aneurysm's continue to grow after transplant? .... My friends clotted off after transplant, it got bairly noticeable and you can't even feel it ...


Hi Wade - Your fistula is there for good, just in case you need dialysis after a transplant (sometimes a cadaver kidney is slow to start) or God ...


But I do worry a bit about cardiac consequences, plus any surgery carries risk. ... If I were you, I'd just leave your AV Fistula alone for now.


Your toughest technical questions will likely get answered within 48 hours on ... Arteriovenous fistula after renal transplantation: utility, futility or threat? .... If you have a good graft function, no need to keep it which crates extra load for heart.