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We are made up of about 200 different types of cells. Our body also has non- living materials such as hair, finger nails, and the hard part of the bone and teeth.


Name the cell part and their functions. Tell whether it is in an Animal Cell, Plant Cell, or both. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.


The Parts of the Cell and Their Functions. I. Organelles. A. Cells are made up of small parts that each have a specific job to do for the cell to function.


Feb 24, 2012 ... There are many different types of cells, but they all have certain parts in common. As this image of human blood shows, cells come in different ...


Protein synthesis is very important to cells, therefore large numbers of ribosomes are found ... This demonstrates one of the reasons for having all parts of a cell ...


Parts of a Cell. There are various components in a cell that perform various different functions. These structures called organelles can only be seen by the eye ...

Sep 21, 2014 ... Learn about cell organelles and their functions. ... Parts of the Cell. Mark Drollinger. Loading... Unsubscribe from Mark Drollinger? Cancel


Inside the cell is a watery medium that everything floats in called cytoplasm. The cytoplasm contains all the working parts of the cell, the organelles.


CELL ORGANELLES - NOTES. CELL THEORY. Cells are the basic unit of life. The Cell Theory states that: 1) All organisms are made up of one or more cells ...