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Vallam Kali is a traditional boat race in Kerala, India. It is a form of canoe racing, and uses paddled war canoes. It is mainly conducted during the season of the harvest festival Onam in autumn. Vallam kali includes races of many kinds of paddled longboats, the traditional boats of Kerala. Each team spent about 6 lakh  ...

Jul 6, 2013 ... The Vallam Kali or Boat race held in the name of Jawarharlal Nehru is a massive celebration in the backwaters. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam.. .


Jan 12, 2017 ... Kerala snake boat races take place from July to September each year, in and around Alleppey. Here's what you need to know about them.


Kerala boat races are not only sports but traditional festivities too. IndianEagle Travel shares interesting facts about Kerala boat races for adventure travel in India.


Jul 17, 2015 ... Kerala is an ideal holiday destination. Planning a Kerala tour package ? Read about famous boat races in Kerala & include Kerala boat race in your trip.


Sep 9, 2017 ... Snake Boat Race or Vallam Kali is a significant part of Kerala's tradition and culture. Here are some of the glorious boat races to watch in Kerala.


Spectacular boat races of Kerala - a new thrilling experience for the visitors.


A unique and traditional sporting event in Kerala. The snake boat races are usually held with great excitement during various festivals.


Feb 23, 2018 ... Answer 1 of 4: My Kerala-born husband and I are planning a trip to Kerala for Onam in August. We would like to see a snake boat race but won't arrive in time for the Nehru Trophy race. I have been looking at races that are held during the Onam period. The...