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Leslie Dunkling (born 1935 in West London) is an author known for his authoritative work on ... English House Names (The Names Society, 1972); First Names First (Littlehampton Book Services, 1977); Seven Sketches (Structural Readers) ...


English House Names. Find out about the different type of houses we have in England · Photos of different types of houses. Why do we give our houses names ?


In 1972 The Names Society published 'English House Names', the first study we can find of House Names anywhere. However until 1988 when the Halifax ...


This page will help you choose a house name directing you to areas of the site that will provide you assistance in making the right choice of house name.


Has anyone ever called their house 'Rich and Famous'? We're always looking for house names belonging to the rich and famous. Do you know of any? If you do ...


ENGLISH HOUSE NAMES This is a site with a delightful list of names and suggestions for your castle! A MUST visit! HOUSE NAMES IN SAXMUNDHAM, UK


The idiosyncratic ways in which people spell the names of their houses.


WILLOW GLEN house name, farm name, property name B&B names, English house names, farm names, house name plaques, house names, house signs, ...


... LATNEIROS (plural, Dunkling: English House Names, The Name Society), LORENTIAS (plural of plant genus, DFPF), ORIENTALS (Borgmann), ORLEANIST ...