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The "adds" of hand props arrive as the play is being blocked and worked thru in the initial staging process. Actors will often make specific requests for a hand ...


Hand props are anything handled or carried by an actor. They include staffs, food , weapons, lanterns and candles, canes, staffs, parasols, and practically ...


For over three decades The Hand Prop Room has been dedicated to providing the finest merchandise and exceptional service to all of our clients. We have ...


Electronic Hand Props: We can provide thousands of electronic hand props: phones that light up, working medical gear, security gear, alarm panels, computers, ...


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Apr 26, 2010 ... Hand – Hand props are any props manipulated by one or more actors on stage. A book, a gun, and a wine glass are all hand props.


Luggage. Sporting Goods. Phones. Eyeglasses & Jewelry. Cameras. Music. Art & Drafting Supplies. Construction & Tools ...


“Shaye is a bride's dream stylist and florist. She is so fun to work with and has incredible style and knowledge. From the planning through to the execution, ...


This assortment of hand-props are examples of the vast portfolio of talent that the team at Prop & Paint possesses.