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Today there are some 6 million Jains worldwide, representing less than 2% of India's population. The Jain community in India is centred in Rajasthan and Gujarat.


1 Origins; 2 Tirthankaras; 3 Jainism Today; 4 Digambar and Shvetambar Sects; 5 Jain History of the Universe and Cosmology; 6 Canonical Literature; 7 Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism; 8 Jiva and Ajiva; 9 Bondage and Liberation; 10 Theory of Knowledge. 10.1 Realistic Pluralism (Anekantavada); 10.2 Relativity of ...


Jainism, Indian religion teaching a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through disciplined nonviolence (ahimsa, literally “noninjury”) to all living creatures. Overview. Along with Hinduism and Buddhism, Jainism is one of the three most ancient Indian religious traditions still in existence and an integral part of South ...


Educateby impacting trends and creating awareness through strategic partnerships with the media, institutions and non-Jain organizations. In North America , hardly anyone knows about Jainism. Try doing a Google or Amazon search and you will get 20x more hits on Buddhism than Jainism.Today perhaps only one million ...


Jainism Today and Its Future. Jainism is perhaps the oldest still living religion in the world. But the world is becoming one: how will this old religious community, rooted in the traditions of its native land India, deal with the new challenges of the twenty-first century? Prof. Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos, Indologist and philosopher in ...


Aug 27, 2009 ... This page covers the basics of Jainism at a glance.


29 Jainism Today Conclusion “If somebody is a real symbol of non-violence, love , compassion, peace, harmony, oneness, then he is a perfect Jain. We can't convert any Jains, but you can convert your habits, your mind” Acharya Shri Sushil Kumar, a Jain “ambassador” to the world Acharya Tulsi began Anuvat Movement to ...


State Level Workshop on "Good Practices in Tribal Development with Special Reference to PVTGs" on 19th and 20th August, 2017. 10 Photos. Album Image. Celebration of Independence Day-15-08-2017. 6 Photos. Album Image. National Workshop on "Relevance of Jainism Today: Anuvrat Perspectives on 07-04-2017 .


Jainism today. By the 12th century was in decline in India, making way for Hindus and Muslims, but it has remained strong mainly in Gujarat, Maharastra and Rajasthan, in the North-West of India, where more than 7 million Jains live today. Small communities live in Britain and America.