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Map of Cork City and Cork City Visitor Attractions.


View a map of Cork City, County Cork. Zoom in and out, even view a satellite photograph of Cork City. You can also view a streetview of Cork City.


1801: Beauford's map of Cork city · 1832: Chalmer's Local Survey map of Cork city · 1832: County of the City of Cork map · 1832: Thomas Holt's map of Cork city & suburbs · 1845: Ordnance Survey hand-coloured map · 1852: Moore's National Exhibition map of Cork city & harbour · 1872: Wilkie's map of Cork city · 1891: ...


You are here: Home > Maps & Images > Cork City in Old Maps > 1774: Connor's map of Cork city. Connor's map of 1774 is one of the last maps of Cork city showing the river channel along what was to become St. Patrick's Street. 1774: Connor's map of Cork city. The 1774 : Connor's map of Cork city is also available in PDF ...


1801 : William Beauford's map of Cork city. William Beauford's map of 1801 shows the river channel, which ran along the course of St Patrick's Street, completely covered over. The covering of St Patrick's Street took place between 1774 and 1789. This colour and clearer image replaced the monochrome version formerly on ...


You are here: Home > Maps & Images > Cork City in Old Maps > 1893: Guy's map of Cork city. Guy's 1893 map of Cork city is one of the more detailed of the non-Ordnance Survey maps of the city in the late nineteenth century. The portion of the map coloured red shows the extent of the old walled city. 1893: Guy's map of ...


1585-1600: Pacata Hibernia map of Cork city. This map was first published in Pacata Hibernia ( London , 1633) but is thought to date from circa 1600. Pacata Hibernia deals with the Elizabethan wars in Ireland . Copyright Cork City Libraries. Enlarge image. This map was first published in Pacata Hibernia ( London , 1633) ...


1951: Geographia map of Cork. The street map of Cork in 1951 from Geographia is noteworthy for showing the municipal boundary of the Borough of Cork as it was in 1951. The last extension of the boundary took place in 1965 when 2,731 hectares were added to the city borough. The areas added to the city included ...