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1 History of church buildings; 2 The parts of a church; 3 Churches through the ages. 3.1 English churches. 4 Related pages; 5 References; 6 Other websites ...


The parts of a church and the main furnishings: a glossary. Aisle A passageway between the areas of seating or pews, usually going from the back to the front.


Church buildings have been a cornerstone of Christian faith since the beginning, however, their size and construction have changed over the years.


A glossary of terms relating to internal features and furnishings in church buildings.


Click the various parts of the picture below to learn about the various parts of a Catholic church. This diagram is based on the classic, historical cruciform ...


transept. noun. one of the two parts of a church that are built across the main part and make the church form the shape of a cross ...


Oct 20, 2017 ... Architrave A moulded or ornamental band framing a rectangular opening. It is the lintel or beam that rests on the capitals of the columns.


HTML Image Maps. Find an image to use as a clickable map. Like this: Parts of a church; Identify all the areas that you would like be clickable - I've highlighted ...


Photographs of different churches. Churches come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Inside a Church. Altars A table, often with a cross standing on it, on which ...