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The right to keep and bear arms is the people's right to possess weapons (arms) for their own ... In 1875, 17 percent of constitutions included a right to bear arms, yet, since the early twentieth century, "the proportion has been less than 9 ...


Oct 5, 2017 ... Its words have fueled centuries of debate – and not until 2008 did the supreme court clearly back an individual's right to keep a weapon at ...


Nov 5, 2017 ... Six other countries used to have a constitutional right to bear arms, but they've since repealed those laws. The US is the only country with a ...


Jun 21, 2017 ... As I wrote at the time, Castile's killing raised the question of whether African Americans truly have a right to bear arms in practice. Even setting ...


Amendment 2. The Right to Bear Arms. A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall ...


Jul 15, 2016 ... Adam Winkler is a professor at UCLA School of Law and the author of "Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America." 1:45.


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Apr 3, 2008 ... Perspective from The New England Journal of Medicine — Interpreting the Right to Bear Arms — Gun Regulation and Constitutional Law.


The Heritage Guide to the Constitution is intended to provide a brief and accurate explanation of each clause of the Constitution.