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Vorticella is a genus of bell-shaped ciliates that have stalks to attach themselves to substrates. The stalks have contractile myonemes, allowing them to pull the ...


Vorticella: Genus of the ciliate protozoan order Peritrichida, a bell-shaped or cylindrical organism with a conspicuous ring of cilia (hairlike processes) on the oral ...


As with the majority of peritrich ciliates, Vorticella has a bell-shaped body and attached to the substrate by means of a stalk. The stalk is contractile, there is an ...


Aug 7, 2010 ... Vorticella spp. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Inc. A Vorticella. Numbered ticks are 20 µM apart. Photograph by Bob Blaylock. A bunch of Vorticella.


Information about the vorticella with drawings and links to color images.


Many species of the genus Vorticella are common ciliates living in many types of aquatic habitats.


It is really interesting to know the behavioral pattern of vorticella, for instance, how the cilia of the bell shaped vorticella disappear when not required.


Vorticella (Protozoan) Videos. These bell-shaped ciliates live in fresh or salt water attached by a slender, unciliated stalk to aquatic plants, surface scum, ...

Oct 23, 2006 ... This clip shows the development and movement of food vacuoles very clearly.