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Mar 2, 2015 ... Colts punter Pat McAfee played soccer at West Virginia, and decided to ... "I have a radar gun, can I see how fast you can kick that soccer ball?


Aug 18, 2013 ... "The velocity of the kicked ball is 30 meters per second, or 67 mph" ... average speed of a kicked soccer ball is 60 miles per hour for professionals. ... Newcastle looks like it could have been even faster, but we can't prove it.


Professional soccer players kick soccer balls as fast as 70 miles per hour. However, this speed is only possible with the right amount of force and spin applied to ...


What is the fastest a human could kick a soccer/football, which I can't answer at the ... Some people say that the speed of ball kicked by Ronaldo ( Portuguese) is  ...


Does anyone know the record for the highest measured speed of a soccer ball kicked from a standstill? ... a serve or pitch, but I'm sure they've done experiments to find who can kick the ball hardest. ... Anything faster than 85 mph is extremely rare. .... Since people are talking about the famous free kick vs.


Avg speed is 60 miles/hour (96.5 km/hour) with some even reaching 75. Roberto Carlos's ... How do I kick a soccer ball with power, distance, and height? A little girl ... However it's safe to say that most professional footballers irrespective of shot ...


Oct 28, 2015 ... Adidas SnapShot App Measures How Hard You Can Kick A Soccer Ball ... kick the ball as strongly as college players, let alone professional athletes ... Or, how fast was the ball flying by Fabien Barthez when Roberto Carlos ...


The solid “thwack” of foot to soccer ball, such as when a goalkeeper like D.C. ... per square inch so that it presents a rigid spherical shape that can be kicked. ... for professional soccer players, with many adult amateurs able to send the ball at  ...


The KGB Agent answer: The average speed of a kicked soccer ball is 60 mph, while ... Check out some tips that can help you make every shot count at Active. com.