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The history of the penny of Great Britain and the United Kingdom from 1714 to 1901, the period ... By 1727, the price of silver guaranteed that pennies were struck at a loss. .... The pennies of Queen Victoria (1837–1901) form one of the most intricate ... The fact that pennies of different specifications circulated side by side ...


QUEEN VICTORIA ... 2 / 1 ON PENNY COIN. 1883 .... N of the one over side ways ..... These coins have no value to collector. .... Back To Main British Coin Prices ...


Dated : 1883 - One Penny / 1d - Coin - Queen Victoria - Great Britain. £2.99. Buy it now. Free P&P. One Penny / 1d. Dated : 1883. Queen Victoria.


Coins produced during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837- 1901. ... Latest Price: £4.50 ... The Monarch Penny collection · Victoria Old Head Shilling Old Head · Victoria ... In coin terms this is a fairly modern issue but one of the hardest to find.


Sep 2, 2013 ... Auctioneers estimate sale price of at least £2,500 ... But now a 'dud' one penny piece accidentally could sell for more than ... During a production run of standard pennies two blanks for British West Africa pennies made it into the batch. .... putting it in his pocket, could it be classed as stollen from the queen.


I get a lot of queries for the following: 1943 wheat penny, 1943 steel penny, 1943 silver penny, 1943 Lincoln penny, 1943 copper penny, and 1943 penny value. ..... I've been told it's very rare and expensive ,how much is it worth for real .... I have a 1959D Wheat penny that was struck on one side and is blank on the other .


Nov 13, 2008 ... An unused or mint stamp is generally worth much more than a used one. ... As there is only about 1mm between one stamp and another, it is .... I have a Penny Black Stamp/ May of 1840/ Issued in England/ Portrait of Queen Victoria. ...... I have a black penny close margins on sides, border line on top with ...


Feb 11, 2011 ... 'Mules' - currency with mismatched sides, such as this 20p coin struck in ... Less than a dozen one-penny coins were produced in 1933 as ... The Queen Anne farthing of 1714 is one of the most attractive and a .... In 30 years they will be worth much more when all are walking about with RMB in the pocket.


Oct 2, 2013 ... If you do come across one of these rare copper coins, brace yourself for a windfall of around £600. ... the Royal Mail switched the date from the tails to the heads side of the coin. ... This is because coins that feature Queen Victoria, for instance ... Moving on a few years and 1950 and 1951 pennies are worth ...