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How to calibrate your microscope reticle using a stage micrometer. ... You can then use a simple ratio to determine the value that each line represents in your ...


I want to measure the sample size under the microscope, Should I use Ocular Micrometer? or Should I use Stage Micrometer

May 16, 2016 ... Instruction on how to calibrate your microscope using a Stage Micrometer. Calculate true scale division measurement sizes and UKAS ...


A Stage Micrometer is simply a microscope slide with a finely divided ... is used for calibration of optical systems with eyepiece graticule patterns. ... For an eyepiece reticle with 100 divisions, each division will measure 25µm at the stage for this.

Feb 10, 2013 ... How to calibrate the eyepiece graticule using a stage micrometer so that it can be ... this video helped me on how to calculate the magnification.


Place a stage micrometer on the microscope stage, and using the lowest ... Using the stage micrometer, determine the smallest length (in microns) which can be ... To use the ocular micrometer, calibrate it against a fixed and known ruler, the ...


To measure the length of an object note the number of ocular divisions ... Any ocular scale must be calibrated, using a device called a stage micrometer. A stage micrometer is simply a microscope slide with a scale etched on the surface.


Jul 23, 2014 ... Eyepiece reticles, stage Micrometers and calibration factors. ... These are discs marked with scales or patterns, which fit into the eyepiece at the plane of the ... Calibration of Microscopes (Calibration Factor Calculation).


Always calibrate your micrometers when using new objectives or different ... Formula: [(# divisions counted on stage micrometer)(one division of the stage ...