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Aug 16, 2013 ... Three orphaned opossums I raised while living in the Ozarks were allowed to go free in the house after getting them trained to their potty 'box'.


Jan 23, 2015 ... If you find your opossum gets restless, give it a grape.” ... helpful tutorials onto YouTube accompanied by one of her many pet opossums.


Opossum Care. Nov 162011. Adult Size 4 to 6 inches plus tail. Life Span 3 to 4 Years. Male/Female Differences Males have obvious testicles from an early age.


Taking Care of Orphaned Wild Opossums ... (omnivores). In urban settings, orchard fruit, pet foods left outside and garbage make up a large portion of their diets.


The two main types of opossums kept as pets are the Short-tailed Opossum and the Virginia Opossum. Although these animals are closely related, they have ...


We offer species-specific products including food, cages, treats and more for the proper care of your pet opossum.


Correct opossum diet is essential for raising releasable orphans and maintaining ... This challenging aspect of opossum care is one of the reasons that diets ... 10 %, gastropods 10%, garbage 9%, earthworms 9%, pet food 9%, grass, green ...


”High maintenance” doesn't begin to describe captive opossums. ... Orphan care givers will most certainly come into an opossum that cannot be released due to ...


You are hereCare Sheets / Care Sheet - Baby Possums ... B. 1 cup 2% milk, 2 egg yolks, pet vitamins, 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt (always use same flavor).