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The change in the particle size of the rock during the process of metamorphism is called recrystallization. For instance, the small calcite crystals in the sedimentary rock limestone and chalk change into larger crystals in the metamorphic rock marble; in metamorphosed sandstone, recrystallization of the original quartz sand ...


_____ is a planar, parallel alignment of different mineral bands in a metamorphic rock. deck-page-img. During ______ certain minerals may recrystallize, the rock becomes more compact, and crystals may grow larger. deck-page-img. The common rock produced by the metamorphism of limestone is. deck-page-img.


foliated rocks. Contact metamorphism, and regional metamorphism of rocks that contain few platy minerals (e.g., quartz sandstone or limestone), produces rocks that are characterized by fine or coarse interlocking crystals that do not display foliation. These are known as non-foliated or granular metamorphic rocks and they ...


When rocks (igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic) are at or near the surface of the earth they are exposed to the processes of weathering. ... Not only is quartz the most stable of the common rock forming minerals in chemical weathering, its high hardness and lack of cleavage make it quite resistant to mechanical ...


Limestone (sedimentary) can become marble. Lesson 1 .... recrystallized quartz. Sandstone and chert are the common parent rock. Marble is composed of either calcite or dolomite, and usually derived from limestone. The purity of the .... Mica schist is a common metamorphic rock that is produced by regional metamorphism.


Why do the outer planets and their moons consist mostly of ice and gas while the inner planets are made up mostly of rock and metal? .... within the deep crust. intrusive igneous rocks in the lower mantle. magma bodies produced by volcanism. igneous rocks produced by fissure eruptions. made by contact metamorphism.


It is formed from limestone. Metamorphic rocks sometimes contain fossils if they were formed from a sedimentary rock, but the fossils are usually squashed out of shape. Metamorphic rocks can be formed from any other type of rock - sedimentary or igneous. Remember these two examples of common metamorhpic rocks and ...


Metamorphic rocks are one of the three types of rock classifications, the other two being igneous and sedimentary. ... Marble is created from limestone that has been subjected to heat. ... Dynamic metamorphism is metamorphism that is produced in zones such as faults or thrusts that are under high amounts of pressure.


3/6 11/5/2015 Review Test Submission: Exam 6 – 201508 Fall GEO-103-13 ... Question 15 1 out of 1 points The most abundant sedimentary rock (physical or chemical) is ______. Selected Answer: b. shale Correct Answer: b. shale Question 16 1 out of 1 points The common rock produced by the metamorphism of limestone ...