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Achtung may refer to: Achtung, a German word meaning "attention"; Achtung! – Auto-Diebe!, a crime film from 1930; Achtung Baby, a 1991 album by U2; Achtung Bono, a 2005 album by Half Man Half Biscuit; Achtung, fertig, Charlie!, a 2003 Swiss film; Achtung Jackass, a 2002 album by The Frustrators; Achtung – Panzer! , ...


ahck-tohng ahck-toong Deutsche (german) word for "warning" or "alert".


German word used to command attention, from German achtung, from acht (n.) " attention, care, heed, consideration," achten (v.) "pay attention to, regard, esteem, respect," from Old High German ahton "pay attention to," a general Germanic word akin to Old English eahtian "to estimate, esteem, consider, praise," but with no ...


It means Attention as in stand to attention! They called it that as they recorded the album in Germany (Berlin) shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. The album was their first reinvention moving away from more American rock and punk roots to...


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It can mean "caution" as in watch out! or "attention" as in a military formation, and also "respect" as in - I have respect for him/her ...