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The Gresford disaster occurred on 22 September 1934 at Gresford Colliery, Gresford, near Wrexham, in northeast Wales, when an explosion killed 266 men and boys. Its cause was never proved but an inquiry found that failures in safety ...


May 22, 2013 ... The Gresford Disaster of 22 September 1934 was one such case. ... and nobody working underground they did not cause undue problems.


Wrexham County Borough Council - Gresford Colliery Disaster - Explosion and Escape.


One of the most appalling disasters in the history of British mining occurred at the Gresford Colliery, owned by the Westminster and United Collieries Group.


Sep 9, 2014 ... The Gresford Colliery disaster occurred during the early hours of ... but there is not sufficient evidence to show what caused the explosion'.


The Gresford Colliery was owned by the United Westminster Wrexham Collieries ... The pile of sacks led to rumours that the mine was to be sealed but this was ...


May 11, 2013 ... NEXT year is the 80th anniversary of the Gresford Mining disaster. ... An inquiry was launched - the likely cause was an explosion caused by a ...


Sep 23, 2009 ... For more than thirty hours now the reliefs of colliers have been struggling to get through to the four districts of Gresford Colliery in which their ...

Sep 10, 2010 ... Info about the video, images and music - please see lengthy note below. Update Feb 2012: There is an excellent BBC Radio4 programme ...