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Merlin Entertainments is a British-based company headquartered in Poole, Dorset (England), .... On 2 June 2015 two carriages on The Smiler ride at The Alton Towers Resort collided. One of the cars was empty, and the other car contained 16 people. Merlin issued a statement that the incident was under investigation.


Alton Towers (Merlin Entertainment) – Mission/Vision Statement. Our Vision. To become the world wide leader in branded, location based entertainment.


Alton Towers (Merlin Entertainment) – Mission/Vision Statement Our Vision To become the world wide leader in branded, location based entertainment. Alton ...


... Blackpool Tower; Gardaland Resort, Heide Park Resort and Alton Towers ... mission: Delivering memorable experiences for our guests around the globe.


There's so much to do at Alton Towers Resort …you can escape for days! As well as the thrills of the UK's leading Theme Park, the Resort includes two ...


Merlin's Strategy. “To create a high growth, high return, family entertainment company based on strong brands and a global portfolio that is naturally balanced  ...


Explain how each of these statements will help Alton Towers Resort progress as a ... Mission statements should reflect the ideal state of present operation that.


Alton Towers Resort mission: The delivery to our visitors of high quality memorable ... Write a mission statement for the family based areas of our business.


3 Alton Towers Resort Mission Statement A company mission reflects what we want to be from a business perspective Alton Towers Resort is part of the Merlin ...