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Prehistory is the period of human activity between the use of the first stone tools c . 3.3 million ... during the Enlightenment in the work of antiquarians who used the word 'primitive' to describe societies that existed before written records.


Prehistory definition, human history in the period before recorded events, known mainly through archaeological discoveries, study, research, etc.; history of ...


Define prehistory: the study of prehistoric humankind; a history of the antecedents of an event, situation, or thing — prehistory in a sentence.


Prehistory refers to the period of time before civilization and writing. We don't know a lot about prehistory.


When you break down the word prehistoric, it's easy to figure out what it means. ... unearthed in China's Yunnan Province and first described earlier this year.


As the first comprehensive history of New Mexico in 30 years, the authors describe the prehistoric culture of the ancient inhabitants, the Spanish explorers,  ...


List of articles about History / Ancient World / Prehistoric Age. ... The earliest date given is about 10,500 bce, which is described by scholars favouring it as the ...


Prehistory is a term used to describe the period before written history. Paul Tournal originally coined the term Pré-historique in describing the finds he had made ...


Prehistory is a term used to describe the period before recorded history (i.e. before writing...