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In ecology, climax community, or climatic climax community, is a historic term for a biological community of plants, animals, and fungi which, through the process of ecological succession in the development of vegetation in an area over time, ... Beech (pictured) and Sugar Maple (bottom left) dominate the forest due to their ...


Primary succession is one of two types of biological and ecological succession of plant life, ... The soil depths increase due to decomposition of plant matter and there is a gradual increase of species diversity in the ecosystem. The labels I-VII ... In other words, it is the gradual growth of an ecosystem over a longer period.


Dec 18, 2016 ... The stable ecosystem that develops due to succession. A. Is called a nich. B. Is always a forest. C. Is called a climax community. This question ...


Start studying Ecosystem Stability:Ecological Succession. ... When succession continues until a mature(developed) stable ecosystem develops. B. Succession ...


The end product of succession is called a climax community. This isan ... What is a community that reached a stable stage of ecological succession called?


Types and stages of ecological succession: Ecological succession is the term used to ... as in your body grows taller, your hair grows longer, your mind and body develops. ... Climax – the climax stage is the last stage of an ecosystem. ... When succession reaches a climax, where community is dominated by stable and small ...


An understanding of ecological succession provides a basis for resolving man's .... As the ecosystem develops, subtle changes in the network pattern of food .... that biotic diversity does indeed enhance physical stability in the ecosystem, or is  ...


Primary succession occurs in regions characterized by the absence of soil and ... Primary succession is the orderly and predictable series of events through which a stable ecosystem forms in a previously uninhabited region. ... As the ecosystem develops, bracken, gorse, heather, hawthorn and ... Related Biology Terms.


A large group of ecosystems characterized by the same type of climax community is called ... The stable ecosystem that develops due to succession is what? 20.