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What order in history were scale maps and astrolabe and compass and aerial .... What came first Astrolabe Compass Scale mapsAerial photography? atrolabe ...


atrolabe came first, the astrolabe was invented before the sextant, and the ... What order in history were scale maps and astrolabe and compass and aerial ...


1. scale maps2. astrolabe3.compass4. aerial photography. ... order in which they appeared in history Compass Astrolabe Scale maps Aerial photography? .... What is the order in chapter 2 AP US history putting things in order? ... What order in history were scale maps and astrolabe and compass and aerial photography?


... in the order in which they appeared in history Navigational compass Astrolabe ... on and dinosaurs were here so we could have something to learn about. ... in history were scale maps and astrolabe and compass and aerial photography?


Ask them to calculate the distance between two objects using the scale. ... Humans have been creating and using maps since early ages in its history but the ... In the 20th century, aerial photography and satellite imagery tremendously ... In the past, maps were drawn using a compass, an astrolabe, and a tape measure.


See more ideas about Compass, Google images and Instruments. ... Astrolabe Clock - by Johann Leonhardt Bommel, Nuremberg, (Inv. Museum of the History of Science ..... farm style green rug 3D Farmville Carpet: Colorful Wool Cut into Aerial Area ..... Star Map from the astrolabe is that in both cases, astrolabes were not.


Satellites, aerial photography, information databases and computer ... from the 1930s to the '50s, maps were often hand drawn with no more than some ... He undertook a rigorous mapping of the territory, with the astrolabe and compass and was guided .... A good map is accurate and clear and it shows the field scale in two ...


Map and aerial photograph coverage a . ... History of Mining ... 4« Geological history ... Mapping of the Astrolabe Mineral Field at a scale of 400 feet to 1 inch, and ... In addition, magnetite concentrates were collected, and rocks and gossans were ..... and J.E. Thompson (Australasian Petroleum Company) in 1947, in order to.


surveying: A means of making relatively large-scale, accurate measurements of the ... Surveying was essential at the dawn of history, and some of the most ... The magnetic compass was brought to the West by Arab traders in the 12th century ce . .... were introduced: photogrammetry, or mapping from aerial photographs ...