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The first video games appeared in the 1960s. ... for Sanders Associates, Baer created a series of video game console designs.


The first generation of video game consoles began in 1972 with the Magnavox Odyssey until 1977, when "pong"-style console manufacturers left the market en ...


In 1972 Magnavox released the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console which could be connected to a TV set.


The first video game console (working prototype) debuted as a bulky rectangular brown wooden box with two attached controllers, and thus the name “Brown ...


Main article: History of video game consoles (first generation) ... in 1972, was the first home video game console.


Apr 1, 2005 ... Youngsters reading this might find it hard to believe, but there once was a world without video games. The first home video games didn't ...


the next-generation PlayStation 3. First Console, the "Brown Box". German-born television engineer Ralph Baer and. his coworkers design the first video-game.


Nov 1, 2015 ... Video games have come a long way. Graphics ... In fact, the world's first gaming console didn't even make it to the store shelves. Brown Box


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