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A cockpit or flight deck is the area, usually near the front of an aircraft or spacecraft, from which ... The word cockpit was originally a sailing term for the coxswain's station in a Royal Navy ship, and later the location of the ship's rudder controls.


Aug 24, 2009 ... Cockpit. Up in the air, Junior Birdmen. Dear Word Detective: Where did the word “ cockpitcome from? Was there a petcock or cocktail or ...


Oct 22, 2005 ... Its origin is exotic and disquieting to modern minds. ... another Lord, talking of getting another place at the Cockpit, and they did believe it would ...


Feb 3, 2002 ... ... variety of word origin tools, we're still not entirely sure what the answer is. The first known reference to the term "cockpit" comes from the rather ... Although the purpose of this compartment evolved over time, its name did not.


I found the following at word-detective.com (very interesting, by the way): The first ... conducted for gambling purposes, probably originated in ancient China and remains ... As a name for the scene of such grisly matches, "cockpit" showed up in ...


Dec 14, 2015 ... From this barbaric sport, the term was later applied to a place where a ... that the origin of 'cockpit' as part of aviation terminology is uncertain.


Originally Answered: Why is an airplane's cockpit called that? ... First known reference for usage of the term "cockpit" comes from the sport of cockfighting since ...


Is "cockpit" seen as sexist and not PC? and if so, when did this change in ... of word origin tools, we're still not entirely sure what the answer is.


Apr 23, 2016 ... The first "cockpits" were actual pits dug into the ground and built to hold ... Many experts are convinced that the term does come from a place ...