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Soundwave may refer to: Sound waves, invisible waves that carry sound * Sound_wave# ... characters from the Transformers universes; Sound Wave ( album), an album by Stanley Huang; Soundwave (Music Discovery), Mobile application ...


Leonardo DaVinci, the famous Italian thinker and artist, is usually credited with discovering that sound moves in waves. He made this discovery around the year  ...


Before the discovery of the fact that sound traveled in waves, for years many people were bewildered and curious about how we were able to hear what we hear.


Sound waves are created by the vibration of an object, like the strings on a violin. .... Although Christian Doppler was the first to discover sound frequencies and ...


Visit HowStuffWorks to discover some historical moments in sound. ... In 1801 the French mathematician Fourier discovered that such complex waves as those ...


He demonstrated that the frequency of sound waves determined the pitch. ... Robert Boyle - (1660) discovered that sound waves must travel in a medium


It is known that discoveries regarding sound and how it travels were made as far back as 1500 when Leonardi Da Vinci discovered sound traveled in waves.


Nov 1, 2012 ... Definition of sound, what sound waves are, how they are generated and what media they can travel through.


Apr 6, 2015 ... Think of it as a tiny cellular luge running down the center of two transducers that emit sound waves. When the sound waves bump up against ...