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1930 in sports describes the year's events in world sport. Contents. [hide]. 1 American football ... international basketball competition when four South American teams play in Montevideo and the host nation Uruguay wins the tournament.


Sports in the 1930s was still as exciting as ever, with many records getting smashed. ... The 1930s weren't dominated by a superstar like they were in the ' 20s. ... State 24-0 in the Rose Bowl (which was actually played on January 1, 1931).


Definition of The 1930s Sports: Overview – Our online dictionary has The 1930s ... Like everything else in the United States, sports were deeply affected by the ... to endorsing products or held paying jobs while they played for college teams.


Jan 20, 2009 ... Though things are not as dire today as they were in the 1930s, the ... Baseball, the reigning sports king, had total attendance of 11 million in ...


Baseball, boxing and track and field were three of the most popular sports during ... DiMaggio, who are still considered two of the greatest to ever play the game.


May 3, 2014 ... Sporting events of all kinds were enjoyed by many during the 1930's as a ... While the politicians and bankers played their games, the citizens ...


Popular toys of the 1930s included Yo-Yos, wooden wagons, pick-up sticks and ... Organized sports were rare outside of school settings, but children did play ...


And there were some textile mill teams in state, though these were more prevalent in the 1930s. Young men would play games after working all day. Rick Ferrell ...


Sep 20, 2013 ... In 2013 7.7 million children played on a high-school sports team, according to the ... Sports were seen as important in teaching the “American” values of ... of competition on children, similar to concerns voiced in the 1930s.