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Location of Malta (Green circle). – in Europe – in the European Union (light green ) – [Legend]. Capital, Valletta · 35°54′N 14°31′E / 35.900°N 14.517°E / 35.900 ; 14.517. Largest city, Birkirkara. Official languages, Maltese · Maltese Sign Language · English · Ethnic groups (2011). 95.17% Maltese; 4.83% Non-Maltese.


Malta is an island nation that consists of three islands: main island Malta, Gozo and Comino. The country's official languages are Maltese and English. Malta's capital city is Valletta, which is centrally located on the island's North coast and has the island's largest harbour. The main island of Malta is the largest and most  ...


It is our wish to provide you with the most informative and interesting features about this archipelago by way of introducing you to our country. Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and is the southernmost European country. We are halfway between Gibraltar and Alexandria and between Sicily and North ...


The island-state of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy ), it consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, of which Malta is the largest island. In its history the Maltese archipelago was strategically important for the domination of the Mediterranean. Malta became an EU member in May of 2004.


Located in the continent of Europe. Malta covers 316.00 square kilometers of land and has a population of 409836.


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Sep 14, 2012 ... This was filmed over a number of Visits to Malta, I have tried to cover the whole islands, showing what there is to see in this really beautiful place. The p...


Jun 4, 2017 ... The Maltese archipelago includes the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Comminotto and Filfla. It has a history of colonial control spanning centuries. Located south of the Italian island of Sicily between Europe and North Africa, it has been occupied by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and latterly France ...


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