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The chairman is the highest officer of an organized group such as a board, a committee, or a .... An unrelated definition of vice chair describes an executive who is higher ranking or has more seniority than an executive vice president ( EVP).


committee chairman definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' Central Committee',School Committee',select committee',standing committee', ...


Chairman definition, the presiding officer of a meeting, committee, board, etc. See more.


Chairmen definition, the presiding officer of a meeting, committee, board, etc. ... chair, chairman, chairperson, chairwoman (see usage note at chairperson ).


Define chairman: the presiding officer of a meeting, organization, committee, or event — chairman in a sentence.


Define chairperson: chairmanchairperson in a sentence. ... A new chairperson for the committee has not yet been appointed. the chairperson will determine ...


Chairing is a key role on any voluntary Management Committee. The Chairperson must ensure that the Management Committee functions properly, that there is ...


Definition of chairman - a person chosen to preside over a meeting, one of the ... 1.1 The permanent or long-term president of a committee, company, or other ...


chairman definition: The chairman is defined as the president, the person in ... a person who presides at a meeting or heads a committee, board, etc. a man ...