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Biological parents have a right to seek child visitation or child custody. This is true regardless of whether the childs parents were married when the child was.


Father's rights include the right to visit one's children, the requirement that fathers be consulted before ... Child Visitation, Child Custody, and Unmarried Fathers.


Jun 11, 2017 ... Father's relationship with the child: A judge will inquire into the parent's relationship with the child, prior to awarding full custody rights. A parent ...


Sep 25, 2017 ... While child custody laws vary from state-to-state a major consideration will simply be whether you are the mother or the father of the child.


Mar 6, 2017 ... Fathers can win child custody in court. Use these tips to increase your chances and show the judge that you're the better parent.


Apr 26, 2017 ... Custody rights for fathers generally refers to the biological father's ability to obtain legal or physical custody of their child. Visit us to learn more.


A married father shares equal custody rights with the mother of his child. Most courts automatically recognize a husband to be the biological father of any child ...


When it comes to child custody, fathers often feel that the law is stacked against them. Historically, there were laws in place to support that view. Now, though ...


May 23, 2013 ... Here are the top five things that active fathers should know before they set ... Do not bring child support issues up in custody conversations. ... even if parents settle on a 50-50 time share with the children, the law states that the ...