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Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of email will help you analyse the time you spend using it. Learn the pros and cons to decide when and how to use  ...


Advantages and disadvantages of using email. Advantages. Emails are delivered extremely fast when compared to traditional post. Emails can be sent 24 hours ...


7. Email pros and cons. Advantages. Disadvantages ... Emails are free to send - so long as you have an email account and a connection to the Internet.


One of the instant forms of business communication is email. But email has several downfalls to go along with its benefits that make it a challenging way to send ...


12 Advantages and 6 disadvantages of email and other types of electronic communication.


Email has been credited for increased efficiency, business readiness, and a host of other advantages tied to increased productivity. However, there are some ...


Understand the key features of email that can help your business become more effective.


Jul 22, 2013 ... Definition of email with advantages and disadvantages of email largely described in this page so that any one can get a clear view about email.


Email is a quick, cost-effective way to communicate with business colleagues and contacts. ... Advantages & Disadvantages of the Use of Email as a Business ...