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During the 2008 Summer Olympics the age of four Chinese gymnasts — He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Deng Linlin, ...


Feb 13, 2018 ... Kim actually qualified to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics, but she was still two years shy of the snowboarding's minimum age limit of ...


Feb 11, 2018 ... The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are in full swing and people around the globe are ... The Age Requirements Are Surprising.


The Olympic programme comprises sports, disciplines and events – what is the difference between ... What is the age limit for taking part in the Olympic Games?


I would like to carry the torch for the next Olympic Summer or Winter Games. How can I ... What is the age limit for taking part in the Olympic Games? There is no ...


Feb 12, 2018 ... There is actually no general age limit set for the Olympics across the board, and it depends on the sport. Different sports have the ability to ...


Mar 19, 2015 ... There is no specific age limit for athletes to compete in the Olympics, as the IOC hands over that authority to each individual sports federation. For some sports ...


Nov 15, 2017 ... Different international federations have specific age limits for their athletes to compete in the Olympics.


Jul 29, 2016 ... How old do you have to be to compete in the Olympics? ... NBC Sports Olympics Writer, gives us the inside scoop on the age requirements.