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After picking the brains of some of the Midwest's best walleye fishing guides, we came away with 20 ... Fishing Skills: 20 Tips for Catching More Walleyes.


The following are techniques used for catching walleye ... are sluggish, use a very slow presentation, short gentle taps on the retrieve works the best. ... rig for drifting but most anglers prefer using a bottom bouncer or a three way rig to keep the ...


Using light jigs with a white twistertail and a piece of worm, Walleye gullet, leech, live minnow or salted minnow works best. This is the most popular way to catch ...


Here we will discuss in great detail tactics and tips for walleye fishing. ... This is usually the best time to catch them, however; if you know the right spots you can ...


How to Catch, Walleye, Fishing, Tips, Techniques Best Walleye Fishing Tips Top ... and fish right down on bottom using a 3-way swivel rig and a worm harness.


Choose your bait. Live bait is the best to use when catching walleyes. The three basic types of live bait for this fish are minnows, leeches, and night crawlers.

Jun 24, 2012 ... There are many ways to catch Walleye aside from using jigs and live minnows and this video shows 6 different techniques. Some of the lures ...


Many anglers find summer walleyes puzzling and hard to catch. With a few new tactics in your bag of tricks, however, you can put more of these delicious fish in ...


How To Catch Walleye And Where To Find Them In Warm Water. Shares. Walleyes are known as finicky biters under the best conditions, but they can be particularly ... Either way a Mystery Tackle Box Subscription is an incredible gift idea.