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A tantrum, temper tantrum, meltdown or hissy fit is an emotional outburst, usually associated ... Heinz Kohut contended that tantrums were narcissistic rages, caused by the thwarting of the infant's grandiose-exhibitionist core. The blow to the ...


But anxiety is another big trigger; it causes kids to freak out, overriding the logic ... also occur in a subset of kids who have severe and frequent temper tantrums.


... for autonomy and the child's limited language capabilities, the temper tantrum is almost inevitable.


Temper tantrums range from whining and crying to screaming, kicking, hitting, and ... what they want, feel, or need, a frustrating experience may cause a tantrum.


Mar 8, 2016 ... Temper tantrums are emotional outbursts of anger and frustration. Tantrums typically begin around age 12 to 18 months and reach their peak ...


home > topics a-z list > temper tantrums healthwise article ... developmental patterns or if it's possible that other behavioral or medical causes are responsible .


Parents can learn from their child by understanding the situation that caused the temper tantrum to erupt. Temper tantrums often begin at about 1 year of age and  ...


Tantrums are emotional explosions from your child. Some result from anger and temper, where the child stamps, kicks, hits and screams, while others are ...


Nov 17, 2007 ... Temper tantrums can put your parenting skills to the test. It is something most parents must learn how to deal with. What are some of the causes ...