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Similar in appearance to ocean coral, the Coral Cactus is actually two plants in one. Here's how to care for this unusual beauty.


The Coral cactus at first glance kind of looks like a lettuce (please don't eat this), and a type of coral reef...which is where it's name originates from. This plant that ...


Recently, plant sellers have begun to graft coral cactus fans in a variety of colors onto the stems of other succulents or cacti. The resulting plants are called ...


The coral cactus plant is a beautiful, potted plant variety, which can display a lot of versatility in beautifying outdoor landscapes as well as indoor areas. Its coral ...


Coral and cactus in name only, the Coral Cactus (Botanical name: Euphorbia lactea Crest or Euphorbia lactea 'Cristata'), combines two succulent plants to form  ...


Crested euphorbia is a dramatic cactus houseplant and excellent living room plant. Learn about growing crested euphorbia in your home or office.


Coral Cactus (Euphorbia lactea cristata) ... Whorls of fleshy, wavy leaves much like underwater coral, make this cactus an ... Makes a nice windowsill plant.

Sep 25, 2012 ... My coral plant has the gook HELP! - Duration: 2:52. nery colon 1 2,839 views · 2: 52 · 10 reasons why your Christmas cactus / Thanksgiving ...


The coral cactus (Euphorbia lactea f. cristata), a crested form of mottled spurge ( Euphorbia lactea), offers convoluted, fan-shaped green growth marked with sil.