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A kennel is a structure or shelter for dogs or cats. Used in the plural, the kennels, the term ... Look up kennel in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.


Kennel definition, a house or shelter for a dog or a cat. See more.


Define kennel: a shelter for a dog or cat; an establishment for the breeding or boarding of dogs or cats; a pack of dogs.


Definition of kennel - a small shelter for a dog., a pack of dogs.


a doghouse; [often pl.] a place where dogs are bred or kept; a pack of dogs. Origin of kennel. Middle English kenel, probably via Norman French from Old French ...


Define kennel. kennel synonyms, kennel pronunciation, kennel translation, English dictionary definition of kennel. n. 1. A shelter for a dog. 2. A pack of dogs,  ...


kennel meaning, definition, what is kennel: a small, usually wooden, shelter for a dog to sleep in outside. Learn more.


verb A command to go and stay in a kennel. Originally directed towards crate- trained dogs, this expression is used to convey utter disapproval towards friends  ...


kennel meaning, definition, what is kennel: a small building made for a dog to sleep...: Learn more.