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Publicity is the movement of information to the general public from the media. The subjects of .... This is what is generally referred to as "spin," though it is not a negative connotation, only a very keen ability to present a story in a way that fits for ...


Define publicity: the quality or state of being public — publicity in a sentence.


Publicity definition, extensive mention in the news media or by word of mouth or other means of communication. See more.


Definition of publicity: Type of promotion that relies on public relations effect of a news story carried usually free by mass media. The main objective of publicity is  ...


Aug 12, 2017 ... Learn the different types of publicity and how to use it. ... What is Publicity ... Means of getting publicity are through print media (newspapers, ...


Learn about using publicity to build your business. Get answers to questions, such as what free publicity means and how it can define your marketing.


Definition of publicity - notice or attention given to someone or something by the media.


Define publicity. publicity synonyms, publicity pronunciation, publicity translation, English dictionary definition of publicity. n. 1. a. Public interest, notice, or ...


Publicity is a public message whose purpose is to let people know about something, like a concert or a new product.