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Photosystems are functional and structural units of protein complexes involved in photosynthesis that together carry out the primary photochemistry of photosynthesis: the absorption of light and the ... in the reaction-center chlorophyll are excited to a higher energy level and are trapped by the primary electron acceptors.


P680, or Photosystem II primary donor refers to either of the two special chlorophyll dimers ... This electron is subsequently captured by the primary electron acceptor, a pheophytin molecule located within photosystem II near P680.


Dec 11, 2016 ... Click here to search on 'Primary Electron Acceptor' or equivalent… Click on ... Pop Quiz – test your biology titude → define "fimbriae (fimbria)"


Nov 27, 2008 ... Definition ... An electron acceptor is an oxidizing agent and is itself reduced during the ... See also: redox reaction, electron transport chain.


Abstract. The properties of the component 'X' identified as the primary electron acceptor of Photosystem I in spinach was investigated by ...


The high-energy electron is passed to an acceptor molecule and replaced with an .... state, meaning that one of its electrons is boosted to a higher-energy orbital . ... The primary electron acceptor of PSII is pheophytin, an organic molecule that  ...


transfer ofan electron to a primary electron-acceptor complex ... primary electron acceptor is still uncertain. ..... can be observedonly under very closely defined.


Nov 5, 1980 ... One- and Two-Dimensional Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation Study of the Intermediate Electron Acceptor Pheophytin inN- ...


The primary electron donor of photosystem I, P700, is a chlorophyll species that in ... P700*, that can transfer an electron to the primary electron acceptor A0, thus ..... stable well-defined species embedded in a conserved protein environment.