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A micrometer sometimes known as a micrometer screw gauge, is a device incorporating a calibrated screw widely used for precise measurement of components in mechanical engineering and machining as well as most mechanical trades, along with other metrological instruments such as dial, vernier, and digital calipers. ... The word micrometer is a neoclassical coinage from Greek micros, meaning ...


Micrometer-caliper definition, any of various devices for measuring minute distances, angles, etc., as in connection with a telescope or microscope. See more.


Define micrometer caliper: a caliper for making precise measurements having a spindle moved by a finely threaded screw.


micrometer caliper definition: calipers with a micrometer screw, for extremely accurate measurement...


Looking for Micrometer Caliper? Find out information about Micrometer Caliper. micrometer a measuring instrument whose conversion mechanism consists of a ...


Define micrometer caliper. micrometer caliper synonyms, micrometer caliper pronunciation, micrometer caliper translation, English dictionary definition of ...


Micrometer caliper definition: calipers with a micrometer screw , for extremely accurate measurement | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


To identify these varieties other than by their ranges will require micrometer calipers and the services of the men who separated them. 498a. Reed, Chester A .


One entry found for micrometer caliper. Main Entry: micrometer caliper. Function: noun : a caliper having a spindle moved by a finely threaded screw for making ...